This is the web site of Adorso Farm Ltd, which is in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is a 20-acre farm which is cultivated with miracle berries (Miraculin). We expect to attract other farmers in the area to create a Miraculin-based co-operative with the intention of having, a 100-acre Miraculin co-operative farm in operation in the not too distant future. The long-term aim of Adorso Farm Ltd. is first and foremost to be one of the biggest producers of Miraculin in Ghana.

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We currently have about 4,000 miracle berry trees under cultivation and we expect our first harvest to start in about eight months time.


We also grow cocoa plants on our farms in large quantities


Anyone interested in purchasing some of the produce, either in berry fresh form or in processed pulp form should in the first instance, send us an email with their contact details to info@Miracleberryfarm.com